Carrie, Gingin

Skin cancer champion

Get to the doctor. Best case scenario they laugh you out of the office due to it being nothing. The flip side of that is waiting to find out it did go further and you could have sorted it out earlier.

Carrie’s story

Just after she turned 40, Carrie noticed an unusual spot on her lower leg. Fortunately, she recognised it could be serious and acted quickly. Carrie’s doctor removed the spot which turned out to be a melanoma and ten years on, she’s pleased to confirm she’s had no further issues.

Carrie’s advice

‘Good friends get in your face and tell you when you need to take care of yourself, too, so listen to them’.

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Checking your own skin

Skin cancers can grow quickly, so it’s important to become familiar with your own skin (including skin not normally exposed to the sun) through regular self-checks. Find out the steps and some examples of what to look for.

Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you notice any new or changed spots, moles or freckles. Changes to look out for include shape, colour or size.