Breast cancer champion

“If anything changes, just go and see the doctor.”

Deb’s Story

Deb was a busy mum, grandma and CEO living in Geraldton.  Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months before she started feeling pain in her breast. She thought she had pulled a muscle at the gym. She had missed her routine mammogram appointment the year before so she knew she should get her symptoms checked.  Her mammogram found that she had breast cancer.

Deb stayed at Crawford lodge during her chemotherapy treatment and said “I loved the total support when I was in Perth; they said stop driving, get on the bus! And they take you to your appointment. It was just fantastic.”  “The accommodation at Crawford Lodge was just amazing.”  Deb also used the wig library at Crawford lodge. “I was really upset about losing my hair, but we had fun doing the wigs.”

Deb’s advice

If anything changes, just go and see the Doctor”