Graham, Gascoyne Junction and Mandurah

Skin cancer and oesophageal cancer champion

If you’ve got something on your skin that looks suspect, get to the doctor straight away. He knows what’s going on.

Graham’s story

Retired electrician Graham worked in all sorts of settings throughout his life. If Graham needed something welded, he’d simply do it himself. When he was younger he would often work outdoors and would start off wearing a shirt but if it got too hot in the northern WA heat, he’d take it off.

Over the years Graham has had a lot of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) skin cancers and the odd squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cut from his skin. Some of these skin cancers were on his legs and back, though the majority have been in places such as his arms which are exposed to UV light from welding and otherwise.

Any time he had anything on his skin that looked ‘suspect’, he’d always make sure he visited his doctor straight away and each time he and his partner Christine would be glad he did.

These days Graham makes sure he’s wearing a thick long sleeved shirt when he’s welding or working outdoors and continues to prioritise getting his skin checked.

Graham’s advice

‘Go to the doctor yesterday’.

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Checking your own skin

Skin cancers can grow quickly, so it’s important to become familiar with your own skin (including skin not normally exposed to the sun) through regular self-checks. Find out the steps and some examples of what to look for.

Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you notice any new or changed spots, moles or freckles. Changes to look out for include shape, colour or size.