Cash boost for catching cancer

Cash boost for catching cancer.

The quicker you can react to potential symptoms the better your chance of successful treatment.

This article was written by Ashwini Saseedran and published in the South Western Times on 26 October 2017.

THE South West region is set to benefit from a $1.6 million expansion of the Find Cancer Early program after the funding boost was announced this month as an effort to save more regional West Australian lives.

Launched in November 2011, the awareness campaign addressed the poorer cancer outcomes regional cancer patients faced which showed a significant increase in public understanding of signs and symptoms.

Cancer Council WA’s regional education officer Shenae Norris said people in the region would benefit from the funding injection because it would drive early detection of cancer and reduce healthcare costs.

“In our last financial year, we had 348 caner patient check-ins from the South West which was only 12 per cent of the total patient check-ins”, she said.

“Ignoring the warning signs and allowing the cancer to spread can make treatment more difficult and reduce the chances of survival, so the quicker you can react to potential symptoms the better your chance of successful treatment.”

Recently returned from a trip around the South West rolling out the campaign’s message with education sessions in towns including Donnybrook, Balingup, Augusta and Dunsborough, Ms Norris said cancer outcomes should not depend on postcodes.

“Those living in the South West region face many healthcare barriers compared to those living in metropolitan Perth,” she said.

“However, it is important to identify we also make excuses for not presenting to our general practitioners sooner and that we can take control of our cancer outcomes if we know the signs and symptoms to find cancer early.”

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